Our story

About the company:

Together with our customers we have produced traditional molded pulp solutions for packaging the last 20 years. This experience has, together with our innovative and skilled staff, been the basis behind the work to bring the Impulse Drying Technique (IDT) to life.

The company has in the past years acquired the companies Borgen Ltd., Cam-Tech Ltd. and Dyrmark Plc. to support further development in packaging products as well as the IDT development process.

Our Vision:

Creating something better.
We are fully committed to creating packaging solutions with a minimum or neutral environmental footprint for global benefit. We call this the ‘Pure Solution’

Our Mission:

We combine our customer’s requirements and ideals for zero impact packaging solutions with our innovative expertise to bring the most competitive and responsible packaging to the consumer.

We believe in responsible and profitable growth, balanced with practical environmental sustainability.

Our Core Values define us internally and externally;

A close, confidential and professional development partnership with clients adding; value, quality as well as mitigating packaging impact for their product.

We do believe in responsively pushing the limits and breaking down walls of old-habits to achieve the best fit-for-purpose solution – “Innovate or Evaporate”

We thrive in taking our responsibility in creating products, which will be the basis in mitigating some of the global environmental challenges.