Molded pulp solutions

ecoXpac is an innovative company that has specialized in designing, developing and producing products made from molded fibre

The idea of producing sustainable packaging emerged on the basis of almost 20 years’ experience in development with mold tools – delivered to the molded pulp industry.
Today ecoXpac has great experience with development of packaging for the industry – typically packaging inserts for a box that protects products during transportation.
In recent years ecoXpac has found new ways and initiated development projects such as the development of milk cartons, waterproof vases for hospitals, etc.
ecoXpac produces packaging made from fibers – either recycled paper or other natural fibers. It is common to all the materials ecoXpac use that they are biodegradable and CO2-neutrally produced. In other words, the products are based on renewable resources.

ecoXpac offers production of small product series. In close collaboration with the customer ecoXpac can create a design that supports his requests and needs.
If the customer wants a larger production, ecoXpac will develop a production unit e.g. that can be transported in a 40” container. In this way the customer will be able to produce sustainable products right where they are needed.